Bull’s Eye


24. New York City.

After my boyfriend of over 4 years dumped me, I ventured back into the dating scene with little abandon.  I met men everywhere, from Twitter to subway trains, and boy was it an experience!  Not only did I get a glimpse into the mind of a man in his 20s (or teens due to my very brief, yet enjoyable stint with a 19 year old), I was able to delve deeper into my feelings of love, lust, and, “I am not into him!”  This blog chronicles these adventures and then some.

We’ve all been in like, in lust, and hope to one day, really, be in love.


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  1. It must’ve been a wonderful experience to meet men from everywhere. I wonder what is it like to meet someone from off of an site. I mean ive met a few and I’m cool with them as of now, but there was never a general interest. Like yourself, i meet women everywhere but that doesnt necessary means that i am attracted to them whereby i would like to engage in a relationship. Most of the time, it could simply be i enjoy the comfort of a woman’s companionship as I love to get a woman’s perspective on things. Whether its like, lust, love, or just simply life experiences. Have you ever had an engaging conversation with someone of the opposite sex but you were not attracted to them physically? I’m pretty sure that we all have; however, i feel as though that the personality and intelligence of a person is what truly exemplifies the beauty and attraction of a person. Yes, we’ve all been in like, in lust, in love? I have questions about being in love…to be continued.

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