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One summer, when I was young, my family passed by the Twin Towers. I begged my mother to go inside, but being that we were short on time, she assured me that I’d get to go later, because “The WTC isn’t going anywhere.”

Ten years ago, the towers were lost along with the lives of many loved ones. Condolences to those who lost. RIP to those who passed. Live now, love now to everyone.



Yes, it has been a terribly long time… and the hibernation is now over!

There was no soul searching. No metaphysical ruminations. All it took was a Women of Google+ hangout to inspire me to get my butt back in gear. I’m done hiding out. I’m comfortable sharing my ideas online and here is where I belong.

So, what does that mean for Cupid’s Eros? A lot. The posts will have to take a bit of a back seat for right now as I work on getting the layout/theme just right. But I will be around, so enjoy my past posts, leave comments, start discussions and I’ll let you know when new content is up.

There’s more! So. much. more!


Finally… revamp to Cupid’s Eros coming soon!