10 songs to gussy up to


gus⋅sy [guhs-ee] –verb (used without object)
To dress or decorate elaborately; adorn or embellish (usually fol. by up): to gussy up for a HOT date
Origin: 1935–40; of obscure orig.

Most of us will be gussying up for Valentine’s weekend. I’ll be lip synching in the mirror. Booty shaking into my jeans to these songs…

Morris Day and the Time: Get It Up
Jowell y Randy: Let’s Do It
Don Omar: Calm My Nerves
MGMT: Electric Feel
ZZ Top: Tush
Nelly Furtado: Do It
De La Ghetto: Ese Mahon
Janet Jackson: All Nite
Bloc Party: Banquet
Kanye West: Get ‘Em High

*BONUS* Queen: Fat Bottom Girls


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  1. i am not familiar with most of these songs as i will need to look them up on youtube. wow….thats definitely a throwback moment….I will mess around and use gussy for a couple of months to see what people think about it. Thanks…You learn something new everyday if not every moment.

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